Playing dress up ft. Alyce Paris gowns

Growing up, I’ve always loved playing dress up. My sisters and I had a box full of different costumes with assorted hats and tiaras to match. There’s something so fun about swiping on lipstick and slipping on high-heels and an embellished gown. I love everything about gowns; they’re elegant and make me feel instantly glamorous. Nowadays, it’s hard finding special occasions to attend where I can wear a formal gown so I try to take advantage of it every moment I get. That’s why I recently partnered with Alyce Paris, they have the perfect selection of dresses for homecoming, prom, or any formal occasion.

Photo May 10, 11 23 18 PMPhoto May 10, 11 23 30 PMPhoto May 10, 11 25 40 PMPhoto May 10, 11 30 20 PMPhoto May 10, 11 31 13 PMPhoto May 10, 11 31 36 PMPhoto May 10, 11 31 42 PMPhoto May 10, 11 32 18 PMPhoto May 10, 11 36 06 PMPhoto May 10, 11 51 06 PMPhoto May 10, 11 52 26 PM

It’s difficult when it comes to selecting the perfect gown to match the occasion. There’s different silhouettes, colors, and embellishments. Alyce Paris sent me this beautiful diamond white/rosewater one.  My favorite part of this gown was the top because it was embroidered with delicate white lace with small crystals and a lace-up back. The sweetheart neckline was a classic look and the gown fanned out to a mermaid tail fit. The fluffier silhouette reminded me of a wedding gown except the bottom tulle was a champagne color. You can purchase the gown here or even a similar one here. Some of my other favorites from their Spring Collection are this red one or this pink one that my best friend Dania is wearing in the pictures below! We instantly felt glamorous and loved doing a photoshoot together with Sheryl Abraham Photography in such stunning gowns. Check some more of the pictures from our shoot below! A cute little cat named George also decided to join us in some of our photos haha

Photo May 10, 11 42 27 PMPhoto May 10, 11 44 33 PMPhoto May 10, 11 45 38 PMPhoto May 10, 11 45 40 PMPhoto May 10, 11 48 23 PMPhoto May 10, 11 55 13 PMPhoto May 10, 11 55 39 PMPhoto May 10, 11 55 45 PMPhoto May 10, 11 32 31 PMPhoto May 10, 11 59 57 PMPhoto May 11, 12 05 06 AMPhoto May 11, 12 05 45 AM

Shop the Alyce Paris Spring 2017 Collection here

Shop for my gown here and Dania‘s here

Photography: Sheryl Abrahram

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Alyce Paris, all opinions are my own.

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Western and Rustic ft. Socialite Pink Jewelry

From outdoor music festivals to shopping at local flea markets, I get inspired by the bohemian styles but I like to add an eclectic western twist. The western-inspired look has been a huge trend for summer and was seen all throughout Coachella. There’s no such thing as too many accessories and the possibilities are endless from layered necklaces, floral and fringe, and cowboys hats! My favorite accessory for summer are necklaces. The one I’m wearing below is so unique because the beading changes from stone to crystal, you can purchase it here. My favorite part is that the wooden pendant is detachable, you can have a whole collection of different pedants to exchange with friends! You can shop for some gorgeous spring and summer accessories from Socialite Pink’s collection here.

Socialite Pink was so sweet to ask me to be a part of the photo shoot for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. For this part of their lookbook, the other models and I wore printed flowy dresses (shop for a bohemian dress here) and we shot with rustic textured walls, longhorn skulls, and even a vintage car! The coolest part of our accessories is that they were made of wood, different shaped stones and crystals, and even druzy stone gems. Pairing them with our dresses worked perfectly! The key tip to keep in mind when dressing bohemian is breaking fashion rules: messy hair is perfect, denim on denim is okay, and you can mix tons of different shades on brown together.

Shop the Socialite Pink Spring/Summer 2017 here

Socialite Pink: website & Instagram

Models: Sydney, Alexis, Zaira

Jannet Blas Photography: website & Instagram

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Sydney Nguyen

It’s Spring Time-with JORD!

The warm weather is finally here! With fresh flowers blooming and the invigorating air, I like to use this time of the year to go through a spring cleanse with different aspects of my life. I recently teamed up with JORD Wood Watches for a collaboration and a special giveaway for you guys! JORD focuses on creating classic timepieces that are modeled after our modern-day life. Their collections showcase beautiful, elegant pieces that equate pure minimalism and style. The best part is that they have a diverse collection for both men and women. I know we all have a busy schedule so it’s important to know where you need to be and where you want to go, so why not wear a watch that you’ll always love? I want to make sure every moment and minute counts with this beautiful piece, Koa & Ash from their “Frankie” collection. Check out three different ways to spring clean your own lifestyle with JORD.

  • Fresh Start

This is the perfect time of the year to start organizing your space. Start by de-cluttering your room, workplace, and car. Afterwards you’ll feel great by getting rid of all the junk and you’ll have free space to relax and breathe. Organize things in categories between what you actually need and what is just there for show. Being organized means that you’ll have more time to focus on other important things. You can keep track of that time with an elegant watch like mine!

  • Bloom and Blush

The warm weather is a great time to transition your wardrobe to new pieces. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and mix up different styles until you find something that suits you. One thing I love about JORD Wood Watches is the unique style they create by mixing warm toned wood and contemporary designs.

  • Natural Beauty

All of the JORD watches are made from natural wood: bamboo, maple, zebrawood, you name it! How cool is that?! Little things like this help us appreciate the natural beauty of life. Go on hikes, take a stroll in the park, be comfortable in your skin without makeup; embrace natural beauty. You’ll find it enlightening to see what nature has to offer.

JORD Wood Watch

I absolutely love the packaging for this watch, the whole box is carved out of natural wood and looks gorgeous! This watch is so beautiful and unique; I love wearing it everywhere and I’ve received so many compliments. I’m really into the ash color on the watch face. The neutral, muted color helps me pair this watch with any outfit. Unlike other watches I’ve had, it’s not heavy at all and it fits comfortably. You can also get your own watch sized and engraved before you receive it!

Business CasualJORD Wood WatchWood WatchBusiness CasualJORD Wood WatchSpring Time Watch

I hope you all love the JORD Wood Watches as much as I do. This is why we’re sharing a little treat for all of you guys! You can enter to win a $100 gift code for their website! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends. All you have to do enter your email and info in the link below.


The giveaway will END on Sunday 03/19/2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 05/31/2017. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the updates on the giveaway.

JORD Wood Watch website (here)

JORD Wood Watch Women’s Collection (here)

JORD Wood Watch Men’s Collection (here)

Watch featured in blog post (Koa & Ash here)

Thanks JORD for sponsoring this post, all opinions are mine

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Luxury Wooden Watch

Luna-Endless Lust

Use code “syd” for 10% off of your order at Endless Lust

Lace, lingerie, and slip dresses are always saved for intimate occasions so it can be a little bit risky trying to pull off ways to wear them out in the public. I love the challenge of trying to transition spring to summer clothes, masculine to feminine pieces, and in this case, nightwear to a fun night out! I recently teamed up with Endless Lust to show you some of there stunning pieces. A few of my favorites from their website are: this unique, silky blouse, this summer-inspired romper, and this denim skirt with a lace up detailing. Be sure to use the discount above for 10% off of your entire purchase!

Photo Sep 09, 4 28 52 AMPhoto Sep 09, 4 28 20 AM

I decided to style this dress by pairing it with a lace choker necklace. I love the lace trim on this slip dress and I wanted to incorporate that with the accessories for this outfit. I tried to keep the overall look simple, with bed-head messy curls and lace up heels. Incorporating nightwear into my regular wardrobe has been so much fun. I’ve been inspired to wear lace bodysuits under a pair of ripped jeans with high-heels or wearing a silky robe as a cardigan. The boudoir trend has been a huge hit over the red carpet and in tons of fashion magazines. It’s fun playing with different fabrics and silhouettes. My best tip is to have fun with it! Check out different bustiers and the necklines of different lingerie-inspired outfits. And if it’s all new to you, start by wearing a black thin, lace bra-lette over a white-tee. You can start off with this and gradually transition outside of your usual comfort zone.

Photo Sep 09, 4 28 21 AMPhoto Sep 09, 4 30 43 AMPhoto Sep 09, 4 32 39 AM

Use code “syd” for 10% off of your order at Endless Lust

Endless Lust: Website & Instagram

Outfit Details:

Dress: Luna (here) // Necklace: (similar here) // Heels: (similar here)

This post was sponsored by Endless Lust, all opinions are my own.

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Nha Khanh-Amelia Gown



Last year, I was blessed to be chosen as one winners of last year’s 2015 #NhaKhanhHoliday Giveaway! All of the dresses from  the past Holiday 2015 collection are absolutely stunning so be sure to check them out too.Out of the options I was given, I decided to choose the Amelia paneled ball gown. I’m in love with the gown that I chose because it had a more dramatic, theatrical feel to it yet it still looked romantic and soft. Nha Khanh (created by Khanh Nguyen) is a beautiful label with designs that focus on the idea of modern glamour. I’m absolutely in love with their Instagram and all of the designs are meticulously fabricated to merge the concepts of femininity and contemporary elegance.


Since the colder weather is here, I used this opportunity to finally shoot in this gown. It has such a darker romantic tone to it and I love how the colors are a blend of a rich purple and silky black. My favorite part of the gown would definitely have to be the silhouette. It has a very princess-like feel to it since it has a fit and flare shape, however, there’s the modern twist with how the dress falls to the floor and the open back is such a unique touch. This gown has such a sophisticated balance of luxe femininity with a modern edge.



I hope you love the look from my photoshoot! Also, huge shoutout to my friend Sheryl Abraham because she did such an amazing job taking these photos for me. Be sure to check out her page as well! 🙂


Outfit Details:

-Gown: Amelia Gown from Nha Khanh’s

Holiday 2015 Collection

-Earrings: Versona

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Sydney Nguyen

Cozy and Comfty-Minx NY socks

Outfit Details: 

Minx NY socks (SYD10 for 10% off) // Michael Kors Sweater // Forever21 Short // H&M Boots

 I love snuggling up in warm sweaters and scarves  with this cold Texas weather. I love getting dressed up to go out but it’s also so nice to have more relaxing days in pair of cozy socks like these. That’s why I decided to team up with Minx NY! Photos were taken by Sheryl Abraham Photography, be sure to check her work out!

Be sure to use the coupon code SYD10″ for 10% off of your order!


Minx NY has such a colorful selection of cozy accessories. Their philosophy is built around the “Hygge lifestyle”-the idea that life should be full of pleasure, meaning, and beauty. And what better way to practice this idea than with warm accessories that are both comfortable and fashionable!


I absolutely love knee-high socks, they have a way of elongating your legs and they’re perfect for layering over tights or under leg-warmers. I recommend wearing knee-highs with shorter-hemmed bottoms like skirts and shorts. It’s also a perfect trick to still wear some of your favorite summer pieces in the winter!


Check out some of my other favorite pieces from their website like these gorgeous knee-highs trimmed with lace, this taupe fur pom-pom beanie, and this elegant fur shawl.

Minx NY Website:

Minx NY Instagram:

Thank you Minx NY for sponsoring me, all opinions are mine.

Outfit Details:

Minx NY socks (SYD10 for 10% off) // Michael Kors Sweater // Forever21 Short // H&M Boots

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Winter Plaid and Preppy

I’m really into the preppy-inspired fashion looks for winter time. I like mixing classic pieces and pairing them with warmer layers. I recommend incorporating patterned tights under dresses/skirts, socks under oxford flats, and blazers under my coats. A great way to start layering is by wearing a scarf. There’s so many different shapes and techniques to tie them. I love wearing plaid scarves in the winter time, they’re perfect for dressing up any outfit and doubling up as a wrap when it gets colder. This scarf is from Rue21 but you can find some similar ones here for less than $6!



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Can’t Be Tamed-Ombre Fur Vest

I can’t believe that December is finally here! I’m so excited for all the upcoming holiday festivities from Ugly-Christmas-sweater parties, drinking hot chocolate, hanging up sparkly ornaments, and attending the Nutcracker ballet. I love carrying on these old traditions and creating new memories with all of my friends. Of course, I need the perfect winter wardrobe.



There’s something about wearing fur that makes me feel so glamorous and cozy. I love layering outfits and this ombre fur vest from Tobi is perfect for dressing up a simple outfit. I love how unique this piece is because the gradient color effect adds dimension to my outfit.


Since I was wearing very muted colors, I decided to add a few sparkly accessories but I wanted my vest to be the main statement piece of my outfit. Fur vests are perfect for a casual winter outfit with skinny jeans and boots. But if you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, I would pair it with a LBD underneath and a sparkly necklace. I recommend getting this blush fur vest from their website but if you’re wanting something a little more bold and different, then check out this green vest. I also like this vest because it’s made out of a fuzzy material, not faux fur.


Outfit Details:

-Fur Vest: Here

-Top: TJ Maxx

-Skirt: A’gaci

-Necklace: Versona Accessories sponsored me with this vest, all opinions are mine.

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Sydney Nguyen

Fever Faux Leather Zipper Skirt


I’ve always loved leather jackets but I never thought about wearing it as a skirt!  This skirt from Tobi is something I have fallen in love with because there are so many ways to style it.

My favorite part about this skirt is how it has such a sophisticated silhouette but has an urban-chic accent with the zipper. It’s such a bold, statement piece so I decided to wear it more casually with a light grey tee and plaid.


I love mixing plaid and leather together, I think that it’s a perfect combination for fall and winter. I find experimenting with new styles so fun especially since the colder weather allows us to wear more layers. I suggest stepping out of your usual comfort zone and trying different luxe materials like velvet, leather, and fur.



TOBI sponsored me with this skirt, all opinions are mine.

Outfit Details:

Top: TJMaxx
Jacket: Ross
Skirt: Here
Sneakers: Rue 21

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Sydney Nguyen

Laced in Love Bodysuit

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m so excited to start blogging about my new items from Tobi! They recently contacted and sponsored me with a few items for a merchandise collaboration with fashion bloggers. I chose out a variety of items ranging from fall pieces to dressy items and I can’t wait to share each of the looks with you guys later this week, so stay tuned. Be sure to check out their website at as well. I’m obsessed with their website and their Instagram; they have such a huge selection of clothes for all types of occasions. My favorite part about Tobi is that it has a minimalist, unique style.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pick out a piece from their fall collection that is a bit more bold. I absolutely love this lace bodysuit! They sell the top into two different colors, black and wine. I love how bodysuits are form-fitting and comfortable. This maroon bodysuit fits perfectly for the fall; the lace detail was not only on the sleeves but on the entire back as well. I also decided to pair this sultry look with dark red velvet booties.



Outfit Details:

-Bodysuit Top: Here from Tobi

-Jeans: Ann Taylor

-Booties: Rainbow Shop

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