Derby Chic

Hello Everyone!

I had such an amazing time this past week at the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Garden Party! This was my very first year attending and there was so much to enjoy! There was amazing food from Wolfgang Puck Catering, beautiful contemporary sculptures to adore, music by DJ Lucy Wrubel, and rose-gold champagne to sip. The show stopper for the night was a beautiful Stanley Korshak fashion show featuring stunning gowns!

The attire was “Derby Chic” and honestly, I did feel a little bit under-dressed at this party since some people were wearing gorgeous gowns and intricate Derby hats. I went for an overall “classic vintage” look so I stuck with black for my color palette. I played up my look with lace, diamonds, and of course, red lipstick! The overall look was very simple but elegant and the lower cut lace front of the dress was something different that I’ve never tried before. I was actually able to thrift my dress so I’m not sure what brand it is! I tend to get very lucky with thrift shopping so I find various deals and this dress was only $12! The hat I wore was really large but comfortable but the evening was a little bit hotter than I intended. I can’t wait until next year to fully plan out an outfit and maybe opt for lighter blush colors! I think I’ve been way too excited for fall lately so I’m quickly rushing into the darker tones in my closet haha. Unfortunately, it got dark very quickly so we didn’t get to take many pictures!

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Outfit Details:

-Dress: N/A (Thriftstore)

-Hat: Rue 21

-Heels: A’Gaci

-Purse: Sam Moon

-Earrings/Bracelet: Versona Accessories

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen

The “Dina” Gown

The Pageant Experience + Small Tips:

A couple months ago, I was blessed with opportunity to compete in the Miss Asian American Texas 2015-2017 Pageant! I placed “3rd Runner Up” and won the “Best Dance Talent” Award! This was the very first pageant that I had ever joined so it was a completely new and inspiring experience for me. I learned a lot about not only pageantry but about the process of self-discovery and gaining more confidence in myself. I was able to learn more about various cultures and create memorable friendships with many of the other girls including Yvette Luong. She has been so supportive and encouraging throughout my whole pageant journey so be sure to check her page out!

There’s so many different aspects to a pageant that makes each girl stand out. In this particular pageant, we had an interview, talent show, cultural wear, and the evening gown wear. The rehearsals took about two months to prep beforehand so we were able to practice our interview questions, our walk, and make several appearances as contestants to galas, banquets, etc so each event was a new, exciting experience.Because this was “Miss Asian American,” a lot of our appearances and events focused on culture preservation. I will probably have another blog post that goes into more details about Pageant Tips/Information but for now, here are some short tips and tricks!

-Interview: Always introduce yourself formally, so shake the judge’s hands and smile! It’s always important to keep your answers sweet and straight-forward to the point so you don’t ramble.

-Talent: Sadly, I cannot sing at all but I do love to dance! I chose to perform a Contemporary Dance because I wanted something simple and elegant to perform at the show so be sure to choose a performance where you can express who you are.

-Hair: I do suggest looking up various hairstyles to correspond to each of your outfits (Updos should go with high-necklines to show off your dress) Curls are highly suggested because it adds more volume and dimension to your whole look! And don’t forget to use a lot of hairspray and to tease your hair

-Makeup: There will always be a lot of pictures taken so be make sure everything you do is more dramatic that your usual daily-routine so this means false lashes, a more vibrant lip color, etc

-High-heels: Definitely opt for higher heels that are about 6-7 inches high. This not only look good in pictures, but heels help lift up your posture when walking

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The Gown:

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to wear this couture Tinsley Radix gown from their Fall/Winter 2015 Collection for my pageant! I am completely obsessed with sparkly clothing and sequins! This gown is called the “Dina” and I absolutely love the mermaid-inspired sequins and teal color. It was a comfortable fit and the sleeves made it fit like a t-shirt dress. I was looking for a gown that had either sparkly accents or a bold color and I was fortunate to have found a gown that had both accents but still had a simple silhouette! I fell in love with this gown and I definitely felt like a princess! Unfortunately we didn’t get to capture any photos of the back of the gown but it was a low U-shaped scoop in the back! I wanted to have a pre-pageant shoot so I could have closeup pictures of my gown so shout out to Lu’s Lens for this photoshoot! This was my second time working with Lu’s Lens and I absolutely love her work so be sure to check out her page! (She photographs for events, projects, personal portfolios, etc!)

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Outfit Details:

-Gown: “Dina” Tinsley Radix

-Earrings: Versona Accessories

-Crown: Queens of the Crown Pageant

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen