Lovely in lace, loving this year!

Happy Sunday everyone! šŸ™‚ I really do think that time flies, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve launched my blog! I’m so thankful for everything that has happened this past year because it hasĀ been full of so many wonderful experiences and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. I’ve changed up a couple things with my blog format as well as added a “Contact” button to my Instagram page so I’m looking forward to more collaborations. I’m so excited for upcoming projects, collaborations, and other fun surprises to share with you guys within the next year.

I decided to create a more whimsical look to announce the one year anniversary of my blog.Ā IĀ think it’s interesting how I hadĀ the freedom to createĀ more feminine, sophisticated look with a child-like tutu. I wanted my outfit to look girly and white so I paired it with diamond earrings, heels, and this beautiful top. I ordered this off of for less than $10! Keep in mind that this top is from China so shipping does take little longer than usual. Also, personally, I didn’t like the inner white lining so I cut it out myself and I just wear the top over a nude bra. My favorite part of is that it’s a crop top but also long sleeved. It’s very comfortable and made out of a light fabric and I’m obsessed with the crochet texture.


Outfit Details:

-Top: Here from AliExpress

-Tutu: Rue21

-Heels: Here from Aā€™gaci

-Earrings: Versona

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen

Remedy Boutique

Remedy Boutique:

I’m so excited to share this exciting news with you!!! Remedy Boutique recently contacted me and sponsored me with a couple pieces from their amazing boutique! I love their unique style because each Ā piece of clothing is like a statement item and has such an artistic, colorful aspect that makes it so special. Out of all their clothing, I wanted to choose something funky and different that I don’t normally wear; I’m always open to the idea of trying new looks! I decided to opt for their “Comic Language Crop Top” and the “Snip It Leggings.” I love their clothes and the material is so soft and such good quality and they personalize the packaging when you order. Please check out their page and shop from their online store!!!





I had the idea of shooting the “Comic Language Crop Top” in a fun game-inspired area but since we were on a crunch time, we couldn’t shoot inside an arcade so we chose a comic book store instead! For the second half of the shoot with the “Snip It Leggings”, we decided to find a location that was more bold and dramatic. We decided to shoot under a bridge on train trackĀ that was over 20ft high off the ground! I was also wearing 6inch heels during the shoot so it was definitely an adventurous experience!

I decided to work with my friend Daniel for this photoshoot since he has such a creative style and I love his work! Please check out and follow his Instagram: Picsuretime! I love how his work is inspired by graffiti walls, Dallas architecture, and city streets. Check out some of his work below!


Here are the pictures with the Top and Bottom from Remedy Boutique!!! I also invited my best friend ReneeĀ to come along with the shoot so check out all of our pictures!


I absolutely love this top from Remedy Boutique! I love the colorful accents and the play on words adds such a unique twist to it. It’s really light and comfortable and the fabric is stretchy enough to work with. I decided to pair it with light-wash denim high-waisted shorts to contrast with the shirt’s dark color and cropped length.



These leggings are currently my new obsession and completely different compared to anything I’ve ever worn. I love the slits and how they’re positioned differently for both legs. It’s such an edgy piece so I decided to pair it with more of the color black and a leather jacket.


Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen