Picnics with Socialite Pink!

Picnics with Socialite Pink come perfectly equipped with fresh flowers, sweet treats, and trendy jewelry pieces..what more could a girl ask for? I want to give a huge shoutout to Socialite Pink for letting me be a part of their 3 part lookbook series to show off their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection (you can shop for the collection here). Everything was planned down to perfection!  The setup was super chic and girly and had a little bohemian twist, including all of their stunning jewelry pieces! I had such a blast shooting and dressing up in pastels for the picnic. When it comes to putting together your own tea party or picnic, I have three main tips to help with the party-planning..

1. Choose a theme: Alice in Wonderland, Pastels, Pink Strawberry Champagne, there’s just so many options when picking out a theme! Having a theme is super important; it helps tie everything together and makes it easier when you’re shopping for supplies that will match each other.

2. Add flowers: Flowers just have a way of making everything look three times better than before. They just have a way of bringing some extra life and color into a setting. My personal favorites are roses or peonies.

3. It’s all about the Plating: It’s easy to forget how much creativity you can actually put into the plates at parties. And for picnics, the basket says everything! So switch out those plates and replace them with a wooden board, a woven basket tray (we had one filled with fresh croissants!), or even hand-painted antique plates.

I’d also like to give a huge shoutout to Summerfield at Tate Farms for letting us shoot at your location, check out some of the pictures from our picnic below! All of these stunning pictures were taken by Jannet Blas Photography.


Socialite Pink is based on 3 simple things: Gorgeous hyper-functional jewelry, women encouraging women and giving. They also have a “Sparkle you, Sparkle her” gifting program: for each piece we sell, Socialite Pink will gift a piece to a girl who is overcoming life’s challenges with grace and strength! One of my favorite things about Socialite Pink’s jewelry is that they’re all so easy to style since you can mix-match and layer the pieces on. My favorite piece from this shoot would have to be the Arabella Earrings (which you can purchase here), they were classic unique compared to other hoop earrings because of the beaded detailing.


Each jewelry piece feels personalized and Socialite Pink offers an exceptional collection of charms in different shapes: from stones to feathers to arrowheads!


Shop the Socialite Pink Spring/Summer 2017 Collection here

Socialite Pink: website & Instagram

Models: Sydney, Alexis, Zaira

Jannet Blas Photography: website & Instagram

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Sydney Nguyen


Teami Tea-Feel More Energized and Less Bloated!

As a blogger, restaurant server, and full time student, it’s hard finding ways to balance different parts of my life. I’m all for finding different ways to improve various aspects of my life in work, school, and my health! So I decided to collaborate with Teami Tea and join their Teami 30 Day Detox Challenge. Teami Tea offers highest quality, most effective, all-natural loose leaf teas made from pure ingredients that are 100% natural, non-gmo, and vegan. If you know me pretty well, then it’s no surprise that I’m a coffee-lover and excessive tea drinker. I was so excited to start the challenge and I wanted to share my experience with you!

Photo Apr 05, 12 12 53 AM

What is the Teami Detox 30 Day Pack?

The Detox helps with getting rid of the toxins that your body is holding onto, allowing it to function properly and have natural energy levels every day! The pack consist of Teami Skinny and Teami Colon Cleanse Tea. The combination of these two blends is what creates the detox affect. The Teami Skinny is intended for every-morning use and the Teami Colon should be consumed every second night of the program, before going to bed. The benefits are on their website but I also listed them below.

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Start burning stored fat
  • Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness
  • Naturally raise energy levels
  • Detox your internal organs
  • Reduce bloating
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Flush out harsh toxins
  • Fix digestive issues

Photo Apr 05, 12 16 56 AM

My Experience:

I decided to take this challenge to see if it would help me lose weight. Although I didn’t lose weight by burning fat, I did drop a couple of pounds in water weight. Overall, I really enjoyed the tea. It was so yummy and had such a light, fresh herb taste to it (I definitely recommend squeezing some lemon or orange juice for an extra touch!) I did actually did see a noticeable difference in the decrease in bloating as well! I definitely loved the experience. The tea was a nice gentle cleanse, helped me feel more energized throughout the day, and the caffeine in the tea helped curb my appetite. I definitely recommend trying out their products! You can purchase their Detox 30 Day Pack here.

Use coupon code SWS10 for 10% off your purchase!

How I incorporate it into my life:

Did I mention that I absolutely love drinking coffees and teas? Teami Tea helps me feel refreshed and energized in the morning. I usually start off by drinking a cup of Teami Skinny in the morning and I take a to-go cup with me to sip on throughout the day. When your purchase the pack, it comes with an adorable tea infuser that makes it easier to make tea in the mornings. I personally like drinking my tea hot but if you prefer hot or cold, you can carry your tea in a cute travel tumbler that accommodates to either temperature! As for the Teami Colon, I loved drinking a relaxing cup of it before bed every other night. It’s gives a gentle laxative affect and makes emptying your bowels in the morning easier. I honestly feel a lot less bloated and more energized throughout the day; my body feels great!

Photo Apr 05, 12 32 31 AMPhoto Apr 04, 11 03 01 PM

Teami Tea: website & Instagram

Buy their Detox 30 Days Pack here

Use coupon code SWS10 for 10% off your purchase!

*Thanks @Teamiblends for sponsoring, all opinions are mine

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Sydney Nguyen

Spring To-Do list (ft. Socialite Pink jewelry)

Spring brings in the perfect, ideal weather for outdoor activities. It’s not too hot or humid and flowers are in full bloom so I’m extra happy around this time of the year! I decided to put together a list of different things you can do to enjoy the springtime. Feel free to post pictures of yourself enjoying this spring season on Instagram and use the  hashtag #seasonswithsyd so I can follow along with your adventures!

Spring To-Do List

  1. Go to the park: there’s a variety of trails to go hiking, biking, or take a casual stroll to enjoy the good weather! Be sure to pack a bag full of healthy goodies like trail mix (almonds, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds are a yummy combo!)
  2. Plant an edible garden and/or flower bed in your backyard! This is the perfect way to put your “green thumb” skills to work. If you don’t have your own backyard, look into local community gardens on how to get involved
  3. Host a BBQ/bonfire outdoors
  4. Explore a local botanical garden or flower field.  The Dallas Arboretum has a whole calendar of public festivities like concerts, tours, etc. And if you’re wanting to have a mini road-trip, there’s also the Tulip Fields a little further out of town in Pilot Point, Texas
  5. Berry picking! You can make delicious homemade jams, jellies, and pie afterwards!
  6. Shop at the Dallas Farmer’s Market for fresh flowers, berry jams, or delicious produce. The rainbow selection of fruits and veggies are to die for!
  7. Spring Cleaning: clean out your closet, attic, or any other storage units to sell items at a garage sale or donate them to Goodwill
  8. Find your new favorite wine bar that also makes amazing charcuterie boards
  9. Plan a tea party or picnic outdoors with your girlfriends. Pink lemonade is a must-have!
  10. Update your jewelry collection by shopping from Socialite Pink’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection!


A huge shout out to Socialite Pink for inviting me to be a part of the photo shoot for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection! The whole picnic scene was set up and planned beautifully from the throw pillows to the jars of pink lemonade garnished with mint leaves and blueberries. Not to mention these stunning jewelry pieces! You can purchase the necklace I’m wearing here, it’s such a gorgeous statement piece. Check out more stunning pictures (taken by Jannet Blas Photography) from part of the collection below. My favorite has to be the dream wrap bracelets, they can also double up as a necklace, how cool is that?!


Shop the Socialite Pink Spring/Summer 2017 here

Socialite Pink: website & Instagram

Models: Sydney, Alexis, Zaira

Jannet Blas Photography: website & Instagram

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Sydney Nguyen

It’s Spring Time-with JORD!

The warm weather is finally here! With fresh flowers blooming and the invigorating air, I like to use this time of the year to go through a spring cleanse with different aspects of my life. I recently teamed up with JORD Wood Watches for a collaboration and a special giveaway for you guys! JORD focuses on creating classic timepieces that are modeled after our modern-day life. Their collections showcase beautiful, elegant pieces that equate pure minimalism and style. The best part is that they have a diverse collection for both men and women. I know we all have a busy schedule so it’s important to know where you need to be and where you want to go, so why not wear a watch that you’ll always love? I want to make sure every moment and minute counts with this beautiful piece, Koa & Ash from their “Frankie” collection. Check out three different ways to spring clean your own lifestyle with JORD.

  • Fresh Start

This is the perfect time of the year to start organizing your space. Start by de-cluttering your room, workplace, and car. Afterwards you’ll feel great by getting rid of all the junk and you’ll have free space to relax and breathe. Organize things in categories between what you actually need and what is just there for show. Being organized means that you’ll have more time to focus on other important things. You can keep track of that time with an elegant watch like mine!

  • Bloom and Blush

The warm weather is a great time to transition your wardrobe to new pieces. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and mix up different styles until you find something that suits you. One thing I love about JORD Wood Watches is the unique style they create by mixing warm toned wood and contemporary designs.

  • Natural Beauty

All of the JORD watches are made from natural wood: bamboo, maple, zebrawood, you name it! How cool is that?! Little things like this help us appreciate the natural beauty of life. Go on hikes, take a stroll in the park, be comfortable in your skin without makeup; embrace natural beauty. You’ll find it enlightening to see what nature has to offer.

JORD Wood Watch

I absolutely love the packaging for this watch, the whole box is carved out of natural wood and looks gorgeous! This watch is so beautiful and unique; I love wearing it everywhere and I’ve received so many compliments. I’m really into the ash color on the watch face. The neutral, muted color helps me pair this watch with any outfit. Unlike other watches I’ve had, it’s not heavy at all and it fits comfortably. You can also get your own watch sized and engraved before you receive it!

Business CasualJORD Wood WatchWood WatchBusiness CasualJORD Wood WatchSpring Time Watch

I hope you all love the JORD Wood Watches as much as I do. This is why we’re sharing a little treat for all of you guys! You can enter to win a $100 gift code for their website! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends. All you have to do enter your email and info in the link below.


The giveaway will END on Sunday 03/19/2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 05/31/2017. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the updates on the giveaway.

JORD Wood Watch website (here)

JORD Wood Watch Women’s Collection (here)

JORD Wood Watch Men’s Collection (here)

Watch featured in blog post (Koa & Ash here)

Thanks JORD for sponsoring this post, all opinions are mine

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Sydney Nguyen

Luxury Wooden Watch

Becoming an Intern

My Experience:

Being a Fashion Intern is very exciting because I’m exposed to such a artistic industry filled with creative people who all have different positions and purposes. This past summer of 2015, I was blessed to have the opportunity work for two different design labels in Dallas: Nardos Imam and Tinsley Radix. I am now only currently working at Tinsley Radix. Through these opportunities, I have met several artists including photographers, models, event planners, etc. I am able to see the behind-the-scenes work in the atelier, work on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc), and I have been a part of the production of the Nardos Imam DSOL Debutante and Tinsley Radix Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Fashion Show. It truly continues to be an inspiring experience and I can’t wait to continue to learn more about the fashion industry and network!

Below are some pictures from the Tinsley Radix Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Fashion Show



My Tips for Applying as an Intern:

1) Know Yourself: By knowing yourself, your own skills, and what you are capable of, this helps you determine what specific type of internship and what position to apply for. Showing your strengths in the best way will show the company why they want YOU. You are your own unique individual with both potential and talent and it’s important to show that an internship will be a win-win benefit for both the company and yourself.

2) Give yourself time to Prepare: I spent two weeks putting together a Portfolio before I went in for an interview. Although, they never specifically asked for one, it showed my dedication, passion, and professionalism for the job. My Portfolio consisted of: Cover Letter, Resume, Inspiration page (pictures, quotes, etc.), Sketch Portfolio, and Reference Letters. Remember that it’s always good to be prepared! I practiced interview questions beforehand and my extra tip is to always make sure you ask them a question!

3) Dress up: Depending on what type of internship you are wanting, first impressions make a big difference. Be sure to keep your look clean, professional, and polished. I suggest avoiding super high-heels, short-length clothing, and dramatic makeup. People want to see your face and your personality but keep in mind that you also have to be professional. Stick with muted colored clothing and play up your personality with accessories such as a bold-colored purse or necklace. Keep your hair and makeup simple so you’re not constantly fidgeting to fix it during an interview.

4) Be grateful! Some opportunities will come and go so be sure to not give up your search! There will be plenty of other opportunities along the way and look at each one as an experience for yourself. Be sure to thank any company for the opportunity of interviewing you because many other people might not have been you!





6 8 9 10

Outfit Details:

-Top: A’Gaci

-Skirt: A’Gaci

-Blazer: Chantilly Dallas

-Heels: Forever 21

-Clutch: TJ Maxx

-Lipstick: Stila

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen