Flying: My Travel Experience + Tips

First time flying? Don’t worry, I have created some tips to help you feel more comfortable about traveling and flying! In this post, you can read about my personal experience with my first time flying to travel (to New York! I’ve only flown in a small private plane before the trip),  tips on how to be prepared/what to pack, and what to wear!



My Experience:

I was soo excited for New York! This was my first time being away from my family and I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to travel with my close friends. I wanted to make sure that I had everything organized and planned out so we planned months ahead of time to make sure we would have things to do once we arrived! It’s definitely a bit overwhelming and you can experience a culture shock when arriving to a new place for the first time. New York is soo different compared to Texas. There’s a lot of people and amazing street food and restaurants (I recommend trying ANY pizza place in NY and the gyro stands are to die for). I absolutely loved everything; the fast-paced lifestyle is so exciting to see and there’s such a large variety of people that rush back and forth on their own’s definitely the city that never sleeps. I’ve never felt so awake, so alive, and fascinated by the lifestyle there. I absolutely loved taking the subway and although walking was tiring at times, it was so exciting because there was so much to explore. It did get confusing at times and we got lost but that’s what made everything even more fun. It was also nice because I have some friends that live in NY so we got to meet up with them for dinner and even attended an Egyptian-themed party at the MET Museum on our first night! I can’t wait to go back there and plan more trips with friends in the future!

Travel Tips:

1) Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The airport can be confusing and arriving in NY was overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions to be more familiar with your environment!

2) Be prepared: I am absolutely obsessed with planning and being organized. I packed my suitcase a week before the trip and made sure I had a copy of my “Packing Checklist” on my phone before the trip. I highly recommend creating a packing checklist so you can keep track of all of your belongings before and when you come back from the trip. My friends and I also booked our tickets and hotel ahead of time when we found good deals and made a small list/itinerary of where to go in NY (base your itinerary on routes/places close to one another). Also make sure that you have your ticket, passport/license, etc before you arrive to the airport. And make sure you arrive to the airport early in case of any small delays or complications with your baggage, ticket processing, etc.

3) All about the carry-on: Airlines allow you to have a purse and/or a carry-on with you on the plane aside from your usual luggage. Be sure that it has everything you need during the flight in case you get bored. Earphones, portable phone charger, a good book/magazine, lotion, lip-balm, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, Tylenol/Advil (I needed this because I get headaches from the movement), socks/gloves to stay warm, and a small snack. Flights can be boring if you don’t sleep so make sure you come prepared and stay hydrated and moisturized because planes use recycled air so it can dry out your skin. I also found the PERFECT carry-on (purchased from Tuesday Morning) that fit all of my clothes for the trip! It was the perfect duffle-bag size that met the required measurements to be considered a carry-on. I was also able to roll it around when I didn’t want to carry it by the handles and this made transportation so much easier. To top it all off, the design was so classic and cute!




What to wear:

It’s always important to be comfortable when going to the airport because you’ll be sitting in the same seat on the airplane for an extended period of time. I recommend bring a cozy scarf, cardigan, or poncho when traveling. Those are absolutely perfect because they double up as outerwear and as a blanket on the plane. Personally, I tend to lean towards more neutral colors when I think of flying so I base my color palette on greys, khakis, browns, and whites. Your base outfit can be simple like a loose button down with comfortable jeans or leggings. Simply dress up the outfit with outerwear and light, simple accessories such as a watch, scarf, or sunglasses. I keep the dangly jewelry to a minimum because comfort is really important if I’m going to travel.

I wanted my outfit to look like I was traveling simple, but still look well-put together. I started off with a basic white button down and tucked them into DIY distressed denim jeans. I kept everything neutral by pairing it with khaki boots and a comfortable jacket. To top off the look, I used a small silk scarf which has been my new favorite OBSESSION. I’ve recently even bought more to wear but below, I have pictures of only two different scarves. I love how dainty and feminine it is and it’s flight attendant-inspired. They can be found literally anywhere at vintage/thrifts shops and there’s so many different versions online. My favorite part is that I could wear any pattern, color, or shape and just roll it and tie it around my neck.







Outfit Details:

-Shirt: Sheinside

-Jeans: Ross + DIY rips/cuts

-Jacket: Zara Basic

-Scarves: N/A

-Carry-on: Tuesday Morning

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen




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