Ariana Grande Concert

Hey Everyone!

This was my second time this year going to the Ariana Grande Concert this year and she definitely does not disappoint! I went to support my amazing cousin/dancer Max Pham Nguyen (he’s in the last picture of the post) and it was an amazing performance! We were surprised with front row tickets this time and I went with my two best friends: Dania and Renee! We all went for neutral colors: taupe, grays, black, and nude tones.

My Look: 

I absolutely love Ariana Grande’s style with crop tops, pencil skirts, and of course, a lot of black. My outfit for the concert was inspired by her look in her “Love me Harder” music video. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to buy the lace crop top that I wanted so I opted for a black bustier with a lace covering. I paired it with a black pencil skirt but decided to wear neutral accessories so I wore big pear stud earrings and nude heels. My makeup was also Ariana Grande inspired so I had thicker winged eyeliner and plum lipstick. I put a few strands of my hair back so it would be half up and half down. I managed to make 3 headbands with bunny ears for me and my friends! We decided to go with bunny ears because we thought that it would be a little bit more different than the usual cat ears. It was such a fun project and so easy to do! I used black nail polish to paint a neon-colored headband, wire, and three different types of lace/black shirts (from thrift stores) to cut up and use the material as the fabric for the lace ears, the ears’s trim, and the veil. It was definitely a really creative project and really completed the look!

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Outfit Details:

-Bustier Top: TJ Maxx

-Skirt: A’Gaci

-Heels: Charlotte Russe

-Bunny Ears: DIY by me (:

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen

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