Becoming an Intern

My Experience:

Being a Fashion Intern is very exciting because I’m exposed to such a artistic industry filled with creative people who all have different positions and purposes. This past summer of 2015, I was blessed to have the opportunity work for two different design labels in Dallas: Nardos Imam and Tinsley Radix. I am now only currently working at Tinsley Radix. Through these opportunities, I have met several artists including photographers, models, event planners, etc. I am able to see the behind-the-scenes work in the atelier, work on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc), and I have been a part of the production of the Nardos Imam DSOL Debutante and Tinsley Radix Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Fashion Show. It truly continues to be an inspiring experience and I can’t wait to continue to learn more about the fashion industry and network!

Below are some pictures from the Tinsley Radix Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Fashion Show



My Tips for Applying as an Intern:

1) Know Yourself: By knowing yourself, your own skills, and what you are capable of, this helps you determine what specific type of internship and what position to apply for. Showing your strengths in the best way will show the company why they want YOU. You are your own unique individual with both potential and talent and it’s important to show that an internship will be a win-win benefit for both the company and yourself.

2) Give yourself time to Prepare: I spent two weeks putting together a Portfolio before I went in for an interview. Although, they never specifically asked for one, it showed my dedication, passion, and professionalism for the job. My Portfolio consisted of: Cover Letter, Resume, Inspiration page (pictures, quotes, etc.), Sketch Portfolio, and Reference Letters. Remember that it’s always good to be prepared! I practiced interview questions beforehand and my extra tip is to always make sure you ask them a question!

3) Dress up: Depending on what type of internship you are wanting, first impressions make a big difference. Be sure to keep your look clean, professional, and polished. I suggest avoiding super high-heels, short-length clothing, and dramatic makeup. People want to see your face and your personality but keep in mind that you also have to be professional. Stick with muted colored clothing and play up your personality with accessories such as a bold-colored purse or necklace. Keep your hair and makeup simple so you’re not constantly fidgeting to fix it during an interview.

4) Be grateful! Some opportunities will come and go so be sure to not give up your search! There will be plenty of other opportunities along the way and look at each one as an experience for yourself. Be sure to thank any company for the opportunity of interviewing you because many other people might not have been you!





6 8 9 10

Outfit Details:

-Top: A’Gaci

-Skirt: A’Gaci

-Blazer: Chantilly Dallas

-Heels: Forever 21

-Clutch: TJ Maxx

-Lipstick: Stila

Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen

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