Taking over Deep Ellum

Hi Everyone!

This is my very first blog post for my new page and I’m so excited to get started! A few months ago, I got to explore the Deep Ellum streets with my friend Renee as well model for a photoshoot with Picsuretime. Deep Ellum consists of a lot of artistic graffitied walls, vibrant galleries, and other public displays of color and creativity. Our photoshoot was “Streetwear” inspired to correlate with street murals and vintage vibe.
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My Street-style Look:  To create my look, I wanted to play around with various prints and patterns but keep the tones muted. I started off with a black-and-white graphic tee shirt and tucked them into my DIY High-waisted shorts. I wanted to add some color so I paired it with a plaid button down and wore it as a cardigan. I also love wearing heels so pairing heeled ankle-booties with high-waisted short shorts visually makes my legs appear longer.  To top it all off, I used a temporary tattoo for my leg and drew a henna-inspired print on my arm with a sharpie. Hope you love the look!

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Dream. Create. Inspire.

Sydney Nguyen

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